Quality table

The advantages of our coffee table
1, solid surface material, no pores, no penetration;
2, absolutely environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radiative, is a countertop that can be in direct contact with food;
Very resistant to water, oil, stains, bacteria, easy to clean;
3, feels warm, resistant to cold and heat, impact resistance, sturdy and durable, no deformation;
4, good flexibility, strong plastic shape, can be heated and bent, more able to meet the creative ideas of customers;
5, each color is equipped with the same color glue, the board can be spliced seamlessly, and the processing property is strong (can be processed by woodworking tools, mixed construction method, easy to polish various laces), good repairability (defective recess can be repaired, Reconstruction when construction is poor);
6, the product color is colorful, there are net color, hemp color, transparent particles and other series to match whatever you want, to meet a variety of different design requirements, let you freely imagine